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    take see Angiography conditions

    Angiography is a type of X-ray used to check the blood vessels.

    Blood vessels do not show up certainly on a ordinary X-ray, so a unique dye wishes to be injected into your blood first.
    This highlights your blood vessels, permitting your doctor to perceive any issues.
    The X-ray snap shots created throughout angiography are referred to as "angiograms".
    This net web page covers:
    Why angiograms are used
    What takes region
    dangers and complications
    kinds of angiogram
    Why angiograms are used

    Angiography is used to test the fitness of your blood vessels and the way blood flows via them.
    it could be used to help diagnose or investigate a number of issues affecting the blood vessels, which incorporates:
    atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries), that can recommend you are prone to having a stroke or heart assault
    peripheral arterial sickness (decreased blood supply to the leg muscles)
    a brain aneurysm (a bulge in a blood vessel to your thoughts)
    angina (chest pain that occurs whilst the blood deliver to the coronary heart muscle is limited)
    blood clots or a pulmonary embolism (a blockage inside the artery imparting your lungs)
    a blockage in the blood deliver to your kidneys
    Angiography will also be used to assist plan remedy for a number of those situations.
    What happens throughout angiography

    Angiography is finished in a clinic X-ray or radiology branch.
    For the check:
    you'll usually be awake, however may be given a remedy known as a sedative to help you loosen up
    you lie down on a desk and a small reduce is revamped one in each of your arteries, normally close to your groin or wrist – community anaesthetic is used to numb the vicinity wherein the lessen is made
    a very skinny bendy tube (catheter) is inserted into the artery
    the catheter is carefully guided to the vicinity this is being examined (together with the coronary coronary heart)
    a dye (comparison medium) is injected into the catheter
    a sequence of X-rays are taken because the dye flows through your blood vessels
    The take a look at can take among 30 minutes and  hours. you can typically be capable of skip domestic some hours afterwards.
    dangers of an angiogram

    Angiography is usually a safe and painless technique.
    however for some days or maybe weeks afterwards it's miles commonplace to have:
    a completely small lump or collection of blood close to wherein the reduce emerge as made
    there is also a totally small risk of greater critical complications going on, together with an allergy to the dye, a stroke or a coronary heart attack.
    varieties of angiogram

    there are various brilliant styles of angiogram, depending on which part of the frame is being looked at.
    commonplace sorts encompass:
    coronary angiography – to test the coronary heart and nearby blood vessels
    cerebral angiography – to test the blood vessels in and across the mind
    pulmonary angiography – to test the blood vessels offering the lungs
    renal angiography – to check the blood vessels offering the kidneys
    sometimes angiography can be done the usage of scans as opposed to X-rays. the ones are called computerised tomography (CT) angiography or magnetic resonance (MR) angiography.
    there may be additionally a sort of angiography used to check the eyes called a fluorescein angiogram. that is specific to the angiograms stated above and isn't covered on this subject matte

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